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Territory design, commonly referred to as territory alignment, is a very powerful field force productivity tool, yet highly underutilized. Most organizations overlook the fact that the territory design process presents a significant opportunity to increase their sales and profits; achievements that can be obtained by improving the design and alignment of field territory assignments. In today’s economy, companies cannot afford to have field territory assignments that are inefficient in design or personnel that are ineffectively utilized.

Territory Solutions International provides a full range of field force deployment services designed to assist organizations with improvements to organizational productivity through enhancements to the territory design process. These services include all aspects of planning, organizing, analyzing, designing, deploying and aligning field sales and service personnel, with direct experience serving small, medium and large organizations.


Territory Solutions International is a full-service consulting organization focused on improving organizational productivity through enhanced territory design. Territory Solutions provides a systematic and comprehensive approach to territory design through a tailored blend of territory design services and territory design technology. Our goal is to identify the best field force deployment plan for your field resources that is designed to maximize revenues, while driving down the costs associated with territory coverage.

These enhanced solutions are accomplished by:

  • Assigning the right set of accounts and geography to each field assignment to enhance the effectiveness of each assignment!
  • Constructing the right territory assignments that are balanced, geographically compact and efficiently designed to reduce travel time and expenses!
  • Identifying the right locations for placement of field resources to improve customer contact!

Typical results achieved through implementation of this approach include:

  • Increased revenues of up to 15% due to more effective territory design and assignment of accounts
  • Decreased travel time and reduced expenses as a result of efficient territory design and placement of personnel
  • Improved field morale and decreased turnover resulting from more equitable allocation of work, customers and opportunities during the design process, and
  • Enhanced decision making and improved responsiveness to changing market and competitive conditions

Whether you manage a small, medium or large organization, the results are the same . . . an enhanced territory design process can deliver a better bottom line!


Some organizations identify that the territory design process is not one of their core competencies and look to outsource these initiatives. Should this be the desire of your organization, Territory Solutions International will work with you to detail the territory design process, determine the project plan and supply the resources necessary to successfully fulfill your needs. And to assist with project budgeting, Territory Solutions will gladly provide you with the option for a fixed-price project fee to complete your territory design initiative.

If you should prefer to outsource your territory design initiatives, know that the singular focus of Territory Solutions International is your success!

For additional information regarding our territory design services, please Contact TSI!