Design Services

Sales Consulting & Analytical Services

Territory Solutions International will provide services to identify and analyze the factors that are most critical to the performance of your business, customers and revenue growth. We can then provide a full range of analytical services to evaluate the characteristics of your customers and to identify the common variables needed for account segmentation and targeting. From these analyses, we will work with you to identify, collect and secure any additional information needed to support the territory design process. This process can effectively identify potential business opportunities and target prospect accounts.

Database Development & Geographical Mapping

Territory Solutions International can give support to your organization through the development of critical databases needed to support effective organizational design and territory alignment solutions. By merging information from all available sources, both internal and external, we can provide comprehensive market information regarding customer and prospect accounts. Linking this data to geographic information, Territory Solutions can then visualize the data to identify were customer and prospect accounts are located.

Effort Based Modeling and Field Force Sizing

Territory Solutions International can develop effort based models to be applied for increased effectiveness of resource deployment and territory design. These models, which affect the workload variables for account targeting (i.e., call frequency and call duration), are generally developed for each account segment identified. By analyzing historical practices and results, we can develop these models to help predict future revenues when changes are made to the account targeting guidelines.

Through the analysis of revenue and profits derived from various deployment scenarios, Territory Solutions International can identify the optimal field force size, including staffing targets for each account segment or geographic unit. This process can also be applied on a local basis to determine staffing needs for effective and profitable coverage of customer and prospect accounts within each defined market area.

Territory & Franchise Design Services

Territory Solutions International can provide a full range of territory design services to assist with any field force deployment initiative. Our experience includes solutions developed for a variety of companies, with a variety of organizational sizes, engaged in a variety of industries. We can provide consulting assistance to help you enhance your territory design process, or project services that will allow you to outsource all of your field force deployment and alignment needs.

Territory Solutions International also has broad experience assisting franchise companies with the design and development of their geographic assignments.  These exclusive territories are typically designed using modeled demographic data at the US 5-digit zip code or county level. Given the potential contractual inability to change these assignments in the future, the development of targeted territory assignments, in an optimal alignment structure, are critical to the future health of the franchise system.

Whether your needs include the design of a completely new organization, franchise territory design start-up, or realignment of your existing resources, Territory Solutions International is effectively equipped to handle all of your territory design needs.


Territory Solutions International uses territory optimization and alignment mapping software designed for businesses that need to manage, optimize, analyze, align or realign territories. It combines specialized features used in designing territories together with a database, mapping technology, reports, territory analysis and state of the art optimization algorithms.

This technology includes a full complement of territory design features, including data import and export, mapping solutions using individual accounts, street-based assignments and geographic solutions (USPS 5-digit zip codes), full national territory alignment, territory design optimization and printing capabilities for both maps and reports.