Franchise Design Helps Your Company Meet Its Full Potential

Are you looking to expand your franchise or re-evaluate your current franchise design? The experts at Territory Solutions International can help you evaluate and develop your franchise design to help you reach your full potential. We partner with our clients to:

  • Identify the critical demographic or business attributes necessary to effective franchise operations
  • Develop a national franchise design database to efficiently develop franchises for any needed market
  • Acquire the appropriate demographic attributes or business criteria
  • Effectively design franchise territories to support the current franchise system as well as prospective franchises

Territory Solutions International: the Franchise Design Experts

Our design process consists of five principal stages:

Audit – During this initial stage we gather critical client and project information. We also review your current design and deployment process, field structure and hierarchy, and management objectives and strategies.

Analysis – In the second stage we evaluate and analyze the market, customers and the organizational factors driving productivity and growth. By analyzing account characteristics, we can develop customer profiles that simplify account segmentation and targeting.

Design – In order to facilitate the franchise design process, Territory Solutions International uses AlignMix®, a powerful geographic territory mapping application, to quickly create the optimal alignment. We then review and adjust this information to make sure territory assignments are balanced in attribute and minimize overall travel time. We also match proposed territory “center” locations to existing personnel to evaluate human resource needs.

Review – This is a two-tiered process: initial review is performed by senior management to make sure the proposed franchise design is consistent with company goals and expectations. Next the design proposal is brought to field management for an interactive field review. Field management brings local knowledge that allows them to fine-tune the design.

Communication – During the final stage of franchise design, the new field assignments are communicated to all affected personnel and organizational levels in a timely manner.

Our franchised territory design industry experience includes:

  • Construction
  • Food Service
  • Health Aids & Services
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Moving & Storage
  • Senior Care Services

TSI Leads the Way in Franchise Design

We welcome the opportunity to analyze your current franchise design and establish target levels to support future growth and development within your franchise system. Let our experts bring your franchise design to new levels. To learn more about our franchise design services, call us today at (352) 989-5750.